Changes in Google trademark policy

september 14th, 2010 av Sefaat Kavak, Publisher Communications Manager

As you alreade may have heard or read, the Google trademark policy will change starting today (the 14th of September).

This adjustment could potentially impact both customers and affiliates. In order for the customers to prevent misunderstandings with affiliates, we give you the following advice:

  • Check your current keyword policy. Make sure that your affiliate program has a desired Keyword Policy. SEM affiliates could potentially start driving traffic from searches on you trademark as the new Google policy kicks in. In case of any doubts please contact TradeDoubler.
  • Competitive trademarks. The new policy will allow affiliates to bid on competitive trademarks, that has earlier been blocked, and send through traffic to your website (whether or not directed to by a landingpage). Make sure you have a desired policy on bidding on compeditors trademarks.
  • Hold a close eye on trademark related keywords, especially in the first week the new policy will be effective. In the case that you discover an affiliate breaking the rules, please contact TradeDoubler (with a screenshot as evidence), so we can undertake immediate action

The advice to affiliates is to follow up the keyword policies of our advertisers. Affiliates who do not respect the new changes in the keyword policy will be excluded from the program with reclamation of the commission. This in order to prevent misconception.

Best regards,
TradeDoubler Sweden


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